"A car T-boned me in my restored, immaculate old dodge pickup which just had a fresh paint job. The insurance company considered my truck a total and i sustained a minor injury to my shoulder. It was just my luck that I drew the most stubborn insurance adjuster that would not budge! They weren't going to give me much for my truck and were avoiding the doctor bills. That's when I contacted Steve. He went right to battle for me and got things turned around to my favor. Kudos to his staff Jessie. She kept me informed with appointments and issues also. No hidden details gets passed her too! Thanks for sticking up for me!!!"

Gusto Wood

"Steve has gone above and beyond for me and my family. It's rare to work with an attorney that has a conscious these days and Steve has definitely proven that he truly cares about people and not just the bottom line. We are truly blessed to have Steve as a part of our family."

Paul Warner

"I was in a car accident last January and started receiving medical bills from the hospital shorty after that. I contacted Steve's office and immediately he and his staff went to work on my behalf. He explained to me how the process would work and kept me in the loop every step of the way. He said we would hear back from the insurance company in about one month. One week later, Steve had my case settled and I received three times the amount of money that I was expecting. I highly recommend Steve and his staff and am so grateful he's my attorney. He's hardworking and honest and gets the job done."

Tawnia Burns

"Best PI attorney In San Luis and Fresno, I have worked with Steven for several years and admire his drive and attention to detail. I highly recommend him if you are in need of an aggressive and knowledgeable attorney. I recommend Steven to all my friends and family."

Anna G

"I was in contact with Steve from the very first day of the accident. He and his staff were very supportive and helpful throughout every step of the process. The results were far beyond my expectations. I wouldn't hesitate to hire him again and recommend Steve to anyone needing a personal injury attorney."

Theo Boettcher

"I have been struggling to write a review for this attorney and I finally realized why. Steve Roberts is so much more than an attorney. Honestly, you can find an attorney anytime you want, but if you want someone who is compassionate, dependable, reliable, honest, and who works hard for you, Steve is your man. He went through really bad times with my husband’s case and was a steadying force when he was needed and not expected. He is more than an attorney and honestly, we will both miss not talking to him. Don’t be fooled by fast-talking attorneys that are in this area, Steve is the real thing."

Cathy Portugal

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