Frontal Lobe Injuries As a Result of a Car Accident

Frontal Lobe Injuries As a Result of a Car Accident

Frontal lobe injuries resulting from car accidents can be particularly severe, often having a profound impact on an individual’s cognitive functions and daily life. The frontal lobe plays a critical role in controlling important day-to-day tasks, making it essential to understand the ramifications of this type of injury and what recourse you have when someone else’s behavior caused the accident.

Understanding the Frontal Lobe

The frontal lobe is a key area of the brain that governs essential aspects of human behavior. It’s critical for decision making, problem-solving abilities, controlling voluntary movements, and even our personality traits.

Damage to this region can therefore significantly impact daily activities and reduce a person’s quality of life due in large part to how diverse its roles are.

How The Frontal Lobe is Injured in a Car Accident

In car accidents, the frontal lobe can sustain trauma in several ways. For instance, a collision can cause your head to suddenly collide with hard surfaces like the windshield or steering wheel, resulting in direct trauma to this delicate part of the brain.

Even without direct contact, the impact of a car crash can make the brain strike against the inner hard bone of the skull, potentially creating a ricochet effect leading to severe injury such as contusion or bruising, causing serious injury to the brain.

Legal Considerations

Frontal lobe injuries resulting from car accidents often form a critical part of personal injury claims due to the serious and lasting impact they can have on an individual’s cognitive abilities, behavior, and overall functioning.

Given that such injuries tend to require extensive medical treatment as well as possibly long-term care or rehabilitation, legal claims may be necessary to obtain compensation from the party who caused the accident that led to your injuries. These injuries can also prevent individuals from being able to work both in the short term and in the future,

Determining Liability in a Frontal Lobe Accident Claim

Determining liability in a frontal lobe accident claim hinges on establishing who was at fault for the car crash that caused your injuries. This involves showing that another party acted negligently – such as violating traffic laws or driving recklessly – leading to the collision.

Your Fresno brain injury lawyer will assess available evidence and work with experts to prove causation. If successful, you should be able to receive compensation reflecting your losses.

Common types of compensation you could be entitled to include:

Medical Expenses: This includes costs incurred from hospital visits, ongoing medical procedures, physician consultations, as well as rehabilitation therapy. This covers current and future expenses.

Lost Wages or Earning Capacity: If you aren’t able to work because of your injuries, you can recover lost wages for your time of recovery as well as future lost wages. For those whose abilities are affected long-term, compensation for a diminished earning capacity can also be included. This means you aren’t able to earn as much money after the accident as you were able to before, even if you go back to work in some capacity.

Pain and Suffering: Pain and suffering damages acknowledge the physical discomfort and emotional trauma you’ve experienced because of your injuries. This can also accommodate compensation for any long-term disability or decline in quality of life.

This is not an exhaustive list, and the exact types and amount of damages you’re entitled to will depend on the specifics of the accident. Always work with a Fresno personal injury attorney to determine what you can recover to help you get on the road to recovery. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation for help after a frontal lobe injury.

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