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Fresno dog bite attorneysDog bites are frightening and can cause debilitating injuries and permanent scarring when they occur in Fresno, across the country, and around the world. These incidents are heartbreaking and a single dog bite can leave you with more serious infections and complications. If you have suffered a dog bite injury you have rights and options available to you under the law. Our Fresno dog bite injury attorneys can help you understand your rights and how you can recover fair compensation for your injuries.

What To Do After a Dog Bite

Dealing with a dog bite can be a painful and traumatic physical and emotional experience. If you or a loved one has been bitten, it's essential to know what steps to take after.

Call 911

If you’ve experienced a dog bite, call 911 and wait for a police officer to arrive. They can determine what happened, write an accident report, and help you receive medical attention.

Seek Medical Attention

Even if you think your injuries from the dog bite aren’t severe, it is still important to seek medical attention immediately following the incident.

Get Proof of Rabies Vaccine From Owner

If you know who owns the dog or have been able to locate them, make sure that they provide proof of their pet’s rabies vaccine. This is crucial, as you will need more medical care if the dog was not vaccinated.

Write Down What Happened So You Don't Forget

It can be hard when emotions are running high after an unexpected incident like this one; writing down everything that happened can help keep track of events and give lawyers something tangible when filing claims in court proceedings further down the road if necessary.

Take Photos Of Injuries

Photographic evidence can often speak louder than words; take photos of any visible injuries caused by the bite so that there is solid proof for court proceedings or insurance claims. Photos should include close-up images as well as pictures taken from further away; these will help paint a better of what happened.

Seek legal counsel

Finally, it's essential to seek the advice of an experienced Fresno personal injury attorney as soon as possible after a dog bite. They can help you navigate the legal process and fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

Common Dog Bite Injuries

Dog bites can range from inconvenient to life-threatening. Here are a few of the most common types of dog bite injuries:

Lacerations – Lacerations are tears in the skin caused by deep cuts from a dog’s teeth or claws. These wounds can vary in depth and size depending on the severity of the attack. Lacerations often require stitches or other medical treatments and can leave behind permanent scars.

Abrasions– Abrasions are superficial wounds caused by friction between the skin and a rough surface like concrete or dirt. These types of injuries occur when a person falls during an attack, resulting in scrapes and scratches on their skin which may be painful but usually heal quickly with minimal scarring.

Puncture Wounds – Puncture wounds occur when a dog sinks its teeth into flesh, leaving behind small puncture marks where their teeth entered. These wounds can be deep if the dog clamps down hard enough, leading to potentially severe infections if not treated promptly.

Broken Bones – During an attack, it’s possible for both adults and children to suffer broken bones due to being knocked over or thrown around by a larger animal such as a large breed of dog or pit bull terrier. Broken bones should be treated immediately through either surgery or casting depending on their severity and location on the body.

Nerve Damage – Nerve damage is another potential injury that can occur during a dog attack due to being bitten or scratched too harshly by sharp claws or teeth. This type of injury typically requires extensive rehabilitation in order to restore function in affected areas of the body such as hands and feet which may have lost sensation following an attack.

Fresno Dog Leash Laws

In Fresno, California, all dogs must be on a leash when off their owner's property. This is in place to ensure the safety of both dogs and the community. It is illegal for a dog to be “at large” - they must be controlled by their owner. This means that when taking your pup out for a walk, hike, or trip to the park, always make sure you have them securely leashed.

If you violate the leash laws, you may face misdemeanor prosecution, which can result in fines and other penalties. In some cases, dogs that are found to violate the leash laws may be impounded and taken to an animal control facility.

Liability for Dog Bite Injuries Under Fresno Laws

Obtaining compensation for your dog bite injuries is hinged on successful proof of liability. Liability is determined by the facts of your case and the applicable laws. Fresno city has a contract with the SPCA for about $4 million, that's supposed to help with animal intake, humane investigators, and animal officers. Under California laws, dogs are considered as personal properties of their owners. Thus, they will be held responsible to ensure that the dog does not bite.

Many US states operate the "one bite rule" to determine the liability of dog owners. This gives owners a concession-free bite after which they must take full responsibility for their animal.

This is not the case in California. What applies in California and Fresno by extension is the strict liability rule. This rule provides that where a person in a public or private place is bitten by a dog without provocation, the owner of the dog will be liable.

In some cases involving a third party like dog strollers and vets. you may need to prove negligence. To prove liability in negligence for dog bite injury here in Fresno, a victim must show that the third party owes you a duty of care, breached the duty and that breach is the proximate cause of the dog bite injury you have suffered.

Preserving evidence is crucial to recovering compensation for your personal injury. So many factors can be adduced in evidence in proof of this including previous incidences and the dog's breed. Pictures of the bite marks, police reports, surveillance footage where available are among cogent evidence to show liability. Fresno Bee said in an article that the SPCA investigates all of the above evidence to see if a dog should be deemed dangerous. If you get assistance from our Fresno personal injury lawyer, we can help sort out everything.

Claiming Compensation For Your Dog Bite Injury in Fresno

Are you or your loved one a victim of a dog bite injury? You may have incurred huge medical bills in treatment costs and other forms of financial losses. Chances are that you have suffered emotional trauma and non-financial losses too.

You can claim monetary compensation and recoup your losses for the harm caused to you by the owner or third party in possession of the dog. This is consequent on your proof of fault or liability by adducing sufficient evidence to show negligence or strict liability.

Some homeowners may have insurance cover for dog bite injuries worth thousands of dollars. The County of Fresno has a site explaining what dog owners must have, in order to keep a dog in their home. However, negotiating with insurance agents or adjusters may be very tedious. With years of experience defending victims of dog bite injuries, our attorneys at Roberts & Spiegel Injury Law can easily determine when you are being cheated and handle these important negotiations for you.

Do Not Let Time Run Out On Your Claim

The California statute of limitations is in force in Fresno. This means that to successfully claim compensation for a dog bite injury or another injury from things such as a car accident, you must bring your claim within 2 years after the incident. Failure to bring an action within this period may be fatal to your case.

Bringing your compensation claim early with the option of filing a lawsuit gives you an upper hand in negotiations with insurance agents and adjusters. Do not watch your chances of recovering fair compensation slip away. Contact a Fresno dog bite injury lawyer today.

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