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fresno head and spinal injury attorneysHead and spinal cord injuries are one of the most traumatic injuries anyone can be involved in. But statistics show that these injuries continue to occur on a frequent basis and on a large scale. The National Spinal Cord Injury Association estimates that around 17,730 cases of spinal cord injuries (SCI) occur each year. Our Fresno Head and Spinal Cord Injury attorney are experienced in all things head and spinal cord injury. We want to help you today!

Head and spinal cord injuries can occur in a wide variety of circumstances such as car accidents. The common thing, however, is that the road to recovery is usually a long one. Even more so, the injuries may result in life-altering damage or adjustments.

Any head and spinal cord injury can mean serious and long-term consequences for victims and their families. These kinds of injuries can potentially cause significant cognitive defects. Many victims may be unable to care for themselves or even remain employed. NorCal SCI estimates that Fresno county has about 1,000 individuals living with a spinal cord injury.

In quite a number of instances too, spinal cord injuries may result in some form of paralysis. These are extremely serious conditions that often require years of medical care and accompanying large sums necessary for treatment and rehabilitation.

If you have suffered a head and spinal cord injury, you deserve every dollar of compensation you can get. These injuries are very difficult to live with and can be devastating both for the victim and their family. In addition to hiring an attorney, Fresno has a center called NeuroRestorative, and they can physically help you.

Our experienced Fresno personal injury attorneys will see to it that you get the appropriate compensation for the long term medical treatment you may need. At Roberts & Spiegel Injury Law, we help our clients get all the compensation they deserve. You can contact us here or call (559) 201-0911 to get in touch with our Fresno Head and Spinal Cord Injury attorney.

Recovering Compensation in Head and Spinal Cord Injury Cases

A catastrophic injury such as damage to your head and spinal cord can be extremely physically limiting. These injuries also require extensive and often ongoing medical treatment. Additionally, they can affect your ability to work.

Injuries like these often come with large medical expenses. If your insurance does not cover the cost, you may have to pay the large hospital bills out of your own pocket. You should not have to bear this cost though.

If your injury was caused by the negligence or recklessness of another person you can file a claim against them for financial compensation. An ideal settlement should cover your current and future medical bills, as well as required expenses. The compensation should factor in all parts of your recovery, permanent damage, physical therapy, and quality of life.

However, recovering this compensation often means going up against insurance companies that care more about their bottom line than they care about your suffering. When you retain a Fresno head and spinal cord injury attorney experienced in cases of this nature, they can help you stand up against the insurer and insist on fair compensation for your injuries.

Let Our Fresno Head and Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers Help You

At Roberts & Spiegel Injury Law, we understand how grave a head and spinal cord injury may be. In many cases, it completely changes the victim's life and that of their loved ones. If you or your loved one has suffered head and spinal cord injury jury as a result of another person's negligence, you deserve to be fully compensated for past, present, and future expenses.

The legal team at Roberts & Spiegel are experienced and dedicated Fresno head and spinal cord injury lawyers. We will help you recover the money you need to move on with your life in the aftermath of your head and spinal cord injury. Set up an appointment for a free consultation with Roberts & Spiegel in Fresno. You can contact us online or by phone at (559) 201-0911.

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More often than not, these Insurance agents and adjusters are looking to shortchange or cheat you out of fair compensation for obvious business reasons. Insist on speaking with a competent Local Fresno Head and Spinal Cord Injury attorney before you sign any settlement offer.


We have experience with handling these offers and we can naturally estimate fair estimation after an evaluation of your claim. Our Fresno Head and Spinal Cord Injury attorney is ready to fight for you. Book a free consultation with us or reach out to us by placing a call to (559) 201-0911 to discuss your case.

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