What to Do After a Tire Blow Out

What to Do After a Tire Blow Out

Experiencing a tire blowout can be both shocking and dangerous given its unexpected nature. This sudden rupture of the tire, which typically occurs at high speeds, creates precarious conditions that can potentially lead to serious car accidents.

Knowing what steps to take in this situation is essential- it could mean the difference between managing the situation safely or ending up in a serious collision. It’s also helpful to understand common causes of tire blowouts so you can take proper precautions to avoid them.

Common Causes of Tire Blowouts

Understanding the common causes of tire blowouts allows you to incorporate preventive measures into your driving routine and maintenance practices. Some of the most common reasons for this phenomenon include:

Underinflation or Overinflation of Tires: Maintaining the correct air pressure in your tires is critical for their longevity and safety; too much or too little can cause stress on the tire, potentially leading to a blowout.

Potholes And Road Debris: Unexpected encounters with objects like potholes, shards of glass, nails, or even substantial road debris could compromise your tires’ integrity, resulting in an explosive rupturing.

Wear And Tear: As tires age or are used excessively, they naturally wear down. The treads become thin, making the tire more susceptible to punctures and blowouts – they cannot handle road hazards as effectively as when they are new.

Damage From Previous Punctures: If a tire has been punctured before and wasn’t properly repaired, it’s at an increased risk of experiencing a blowout. The damage weakens the structure of the tire, which could cause small leaks leading to under-inflation, or it could create an area of the tire that’s susceptible to additional harm from debris or potholes.

By understanding these common causes of tire blowouts and regularly checking the condition of your tires, you can significantly reduce the risk of experiencing this risky event, ensuring safety on the road.

What To Do If You Experience a Blowout

Despite diligent precautions and care for your tires, blowouts can still occur due to unexpected circumstances. It’s crucial to know how to react should you find yourself in this scenario.

Do Not Panic: Maintaining composure is the first step following a tire blowout. Keep a steady grip on the steering wheel as it might become difficult to control.

Gradually Release the Accelerator And Decelerate: Instead of applying immediate brakes, gently ease off from the accelerator which allows natural deceleration.

Your initial instinct might be to brake hard; however, that could lead you into an uncontrollable spin or even a rollover if high speeds are involved. Apply brakes delicately only after reducing speed substantially.

Steer In a Straight Line: Amid the chaos of a blowout, your vehicle may start pulling to one side. Concentrate on maintaining direction until you regain control.

Once You Have Control, Pull Over Safely: After stabilizing your vehicle and making sure it’s safe to do so, gradually guide yourself towards the shoulder or any other designated area away from traffic flow to inspect damages and call for assistance.

While encountering a tire blowout can certainly be scary, knowing what to do and how to react correctly under such circumstances gives you the best chance of managing the situation safely and minimizing any potential harm.

Assessing The Scene

Upon safely coming to a halt after experiencing the blowout, it’s necessary to assess your current situation.

Turn On Hazard Lights: Immediately alert other drivers of the state of your vehicle by turning on your hazard lights. This visibility is crucial in preventing further accidents.

Check For Injuries: Check if you or any passengers have sustained injuries during the incident.

Call 911: Once safe and stable, call for emergency personnel via 911. Tell them what happened and provide relevant information such as your precise location and status on injuries — this aids their preparedness upon arrival.

Consider Speaking With a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you’ve sustained injuries or lost personal property as a result of a tire blowout, it is advisable to consult with a Fresno personal injury lawyer. They can guide you through the legal avenues for seeking compensation if available. For assistance, contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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