What to Do If Insurance Company is Delaying a Car Accident Claim

Dealing with an insurance company that is delaying your car accident claim can lead to frustration and financial strain, as victims often rely on their settlements to help them through the difficult aftermath. The solution is often to file an insurance claim to obtain compensation for your damages. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always go as easily as you’d like.

Recognizing Delay Tactics 

Insurance companies are notorious for employing various delay tactics to the time frame for either your payment or their investigation. Some strategies these entities might adopt include: 

  • Requests for Excessive Documentation: Often, insurers will ask you to provide more paperwork than really needed, which will delay the process. 
  • Prolonged Investigations: This involves insurance companies taking an unnecessarily long time to review or reassess the claim in order to delay settlement.
  • Failure to Respond: Insurance adjusters might not reply promptly, often going quiet during critical stages of your claim’s process. 

These tactics are employed mainly because the longer an insurance company can defer offering a settlement, the more likely it is that a victim will accept a lower settlement if they’re struggling financially from the accident.

What to Do If You’re Facing Insurance Claim Delays

When dealing with an insurance claim after a car accident, delays in processing can be frustrating and hinder your financial recovery. It’s important to know what steps you should take to effectively address and potentially reduce these delays. If you find yourself dealing with this issue, consider implementing the following strategies:

Maintain Detailed Records: Every interaction with your insurance company concerning your claim should be noted, including the date, who you spoke with, and a summary of what was discussed. This can often be useful in holding an insurer accountable.

Review Your Policy: Being familiar with the specifics of your policy can help you understand what is covered and what you can expect. The fine print of your insurance policy may contain specific information about claim processing times or additional steps you must follow after an accident, so make sure you review that.

Follow up Regularly: Continue to engage with the insurance company frequently. Make calls or send emails reminding them that your claim requires attention. Sometimes, the insurance companies hope a claimant will go away if they delay enough. By following up regularly, you can make sure they know this won’t work with you. 

Prompt Response on Your Part: When the insurance company requests additional information, respond quickly. Providing documentation as they ask for it demonstrates that you’re committed to expediting your claim and can counteract delay tactics.

Consult with a Lawyer: Reaching out to a Fresno accident lawyer can be incredibly beneficial as they can clarify your rights and explain how to proceed. The simple act of having a lawyer reach out to the insurance company may make them move a little faster.

Take Necessary Steps for Legal Action: If all other efforts haven’t resolved the issue, you and your lawyer can discuss filing a lawsuit against the defendant to try to recover the compensation you’re owed.

Stay Informed and Patient: Dealing with an insurance claim following a car accident requires persistence, but it also involves patience in some cases. You want to keep track of what’s going on in your case without having unreasonable expectations regarding the timeline.

If you’re facing extensive delays and need assistance with a stalling insurance company, reach out today for help. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with our Fresno personal injury lawyers.

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